Vandetanib : Biochemical and Biophysical Research CommunicationsVandetanib inhibits cell growth in EGFR-expressing cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

GSK2795039 : NOX2 inhibition stabilizes vulnerable plaques by enhancing macrophage efferocytosis via MertK/PI3K/AKT pathway

AZD-5153 6-hydroxy-2-naphthoic : Prototropic forms of hydroxy derivatives of naphthoic acid within deep eutectic solvents†

GS-441524 : GS-441524 inhibits African swine fever virus infection in vitro

Apoptozole: Localization of MRP-1 to the outer mitochondrial membrane by the chaperone protein HSP90b

WZ4003 : Prognostic impact and immunotherapeutic implications of NETosis-related gene signature in gastric cancer patients